inviting participants

Set up your experiment on Sona Systems.

  • email the lab administrator to be added as a researcher if you haven't already done so.

  • Payment scheme: $5 minimum show up payment, plus $20 per hour on average (with $10 minimum payment for completion, so that every subject walks out with at least $ 15 from every experiment).

  • Name your studies using your name and the academic quarter (e.g. Smith Spring 2012 Study 1).

  • Note that the abstract and description can be read by the subjects. Use the description to lay out the payment details for your study.

  • You can exclude subjects based on their responses to a pre-screen questionaire, which includes gender, language, age, and several other demographic variables.

  • You can also exclude subject based on their participation in other studies.

Once approved, schedule your timeslots on Sona.

  • Schedule at least 7 days in advance.

  • Schedule a minumum of 30 minutes between your study and any other (both before and after).

Inviting participants

You can send bulk emails to the pool of students who have signed up to SONA. Before you do check back with the lab administrator so that we can coordinate mailings by different researcers to avoid spamming the subject pool too frequently.

Some info about participants

  • There are currently about 1200 students signed up in SONA

  • Out of those, about 300 actually appear for studies

  • Most of them have classes during the day and exams at the end and in the middle of the quarter, so if you need many subjects, avoid these times

  • If your experiment requires that a large number of subjects (16 or more) are simultaneously present in the lab, pay particular attention to the times of the day at whch you schedule your experiment.

  • The no-show rate is relatively low. For the first few times you run a given study it is usually above 90 percent, and then drops to below 80 percent once you're getting into the harder-to-reach part of the subject pool.

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